Where to put wedding registry information on wedding invitation stationery

Are you lost on how to let your wedding guests know where you are registered?

Let’s begin by saying it is against traditional etiquette to put registry information on the invitation. Do I agree—-???—as a modern stationer I respect traditional etiquette and I agree that registry info shouldn’t be on the invite but I have a few suggestions that may help. Let me explain–

Many people believe it’s impolite or greedy to include wedding registry information on any part of the invite or enclosures. I totally can understand that. You don’t want it to seem like it’s more important to receive gifts than to have your guests share in memories of your wedding day. It’s ideal if your wedding party or parents can spread the information regarding where you are registered. Many people also include this information on bridal shower invitations so most guests already know where to shop. But what if you aren’t having a shower or you have a different situation that guests just won’t know who to ask? The best idea is to create a wedding website and include the registry information (with links for convenience!) on one of the web pages. You can then add the wedding website address to the bottom of the invitation or on the enclosure card with other information like directions and accommodations. You can get a FREE wedding website from many sites like Perfect Wedding Guide. Utilizing the wedding website is probably the safest option that follows traditional etiquette but allows you to share your registry info with your guests.

What if you don’t want a wedding website?

Traditionally the wedding party and parents are suppose to help spread the word about what the couple would like for gifts and where they have registered. This doesn’t always happen with ALL the other responsibilities and wedding planning. In order to follow traditional invitation etiquette, I would recommend avoiding direct references to your wedding registry if possible.

Situations for each wedding can vary so you may still feel that you want to provide the registry info to the wedding guests. I would not recommend putting any reference to wedding registries on the actual invitation. Especially with more modern designs, I do not believe it is terribly distasteful if added to the bottom of the enclosure card. It should be small and follow other vital information such as accommodations or directions. The line should merely state “The couple is registered at _______ and _______.”

What NOT to put on your wedding invites or enclosures:

These might seem like common sense, but trust me- I’ve seen them all before! (Of course not on the invitations that I design!)

No-No #1: “The couple is registered at _____ and ______. Please include gift receipts.”

Hopefully guests include gift receipts in case of duplicates or the wrong color but most stores allow you to exchange items without the gift receipts. There is no reason to specify this on your wedding stationery as it just sounds like you want to return all your gifts.

No-No #2: “The couple prefers cash gifts.”

If you leave off all registry information, you are more likely to get cash as people may be unsure where to look for gift ideas. Some people prefer to give you something meaningful to start your new life together instead of cash anyways. This statement can just be offensive like you are just looking for a way to make some money.

No-No #3: “We like gift cards from _____, ______, and _____ or cash.”

Many people will give you gift cards due to the numerous kiosks in practically any store or gas station. Is it really necessary to be picky on where they are from?! We all have our favorite stores but even unexpected gift cards for movie tickets or dinner can be great for date nights!

No-No #4: Including sheets from registered stores with the wedding ensemble

Many stores will give you a pad of sheets to give out so people know you are registered with those stores. Give those pads to your maid of honor or whoever is throwing you a bridal shower for inclusion with the shower invites. The little registry sheets are too noticeable in the wedding invitations and are tacky as they scream, buy us a gift from here.

Don’t like my opinion on including registry information on your wedding invites?- that’s completely ok! It’s YOUR wedding so it’s important to do what makes you comfortable, but know that Betsy N Co. is here to offer guidance or help in any way we can!

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