Betsy N Co. clients love a mix of classic, vintage and modern design. They crave modern color schemes mixed with antique accents. They always find a reason to pop some bubbly and spend time with friends. They live an authentic life and want to stand out among the crowd. A little bit of glitter or glam is always a must! 

Macarons and Wine
Meet the Designer

Hi! I’m Elizabeth, the designer and face behind Betsy N Co. Creative. I’ve always loved entertaining and being ‘crafty’ is just part of who I am. Growing up, I often monopolized the family computer to spend hours on print shop programs designing cards, signs, and even decorating covers for my school notebooks and folders–I certainly didn’t want to have bland school supplies or have the same as my classmates! I love a mix of classic, vintage and modern design. I love bold modern color schemes mixed with antique accents. A little bit of glitter or glam is always a must! I love shoes, wine, planning events, laughing, and spending time with friends–especially exploring local wineries or boutiques! I’m a total perfectionist. I love rearranging rooms and planning new home projects. I dream of a beautifully organized house. I’m told I have way too much jewelry but I don’t think that’s possible! I believe pearls should be worn regularly, no matter the occasion. I love dresses, sparkly shoes and an oversized purse. I have an obsession for turquoise canning jars (before they became a popular trend) and love hunting through antique stores to find a unique branded one for my collection.

Bob and Elizabeth Friedel

I married my husband in a quaint country church over 7 years ago. Our friends still tell us that we had the largest reception they have ever been to—we just feel blessed to have had a lot of family and supportive friends that could celebrate with us. We live just outside St. Louis, Missouri with our two puppies, Quigley and Oscar.

Who is Betsy?
That’s me! “Betsy” was my childhood nickname used by my parents. I always have and still go by “Elizabeth.” I used my nickname for my company as it is a reminder of being a child–dreaming big, having fun, playing dress-up in fancy clothes and doing what I love—things I still try to incorporate in my life!
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